Hiking boots are the best kind of footwear for outdoor events and more extreme events. The boots are usually made for extreme conditions and rough terrain. Whatever, the type of physical activity be it a light day hike or three pack of four-day pack trip, your hiking boots make the difference. Hikingladyboots.com is a good place to start reading on hiking boots.

When looking for a new pair of boots, there are some things that you need to consider. Walking into a store and selecting attractive hiking boots may end up costing you much than the actual price you pay once you are out on the trail. Below are some checklists you need to take into account when choosing hiking boots.

If you choose a pair of hiking boots that are not comfortable, you may end up with a nasty blister. Lightweight hiking boots made from breathable fabrics are usually more comfortable on first acquaintance than leather boots which take time to wear.

Distance is also an important factor to consider. A more rigid soled boot with good ankle support is usually ideal for long hikes while lightweight hiking shoes or hiking sandals are appropriate for day hikes on well-defined trails and tracks.

If you are planning to hike over rocks, snow, and scree, it is a good idea to look for sturdy boots with good serrated soles and good ankle support. If you will be hiking on extreme treks, then leather boots are the best option.

If you’re going to be wading through streams and rivers, then waterproofing is something you need to consider. With good waterproofing, you will be able to keep your feet perfectly dry. Hi Tec fabric boots are the best type of hiking boots as they dry once they get wet.

Time of year
Lightweight hiking boots are ideal for summer. On the other hand, if you will be hiking in winter, it is a good idea to go for a pair of good waterproof hiking boots.

When looking for hiking boots, it is a good idea to take the socks you will be wearing for your typical hike. You may find that you have to buy a pair of boots a size or even two bigger than your regular shoe size!

A good hiking boot should allow you put a finger between your foot and the heel of the boots as the feet usually swell as they warm up. Your toes should not hit the front of the boot too much. To know how it will be like walking down a hill, bang the boot against a wall or bang it on the ground.

Check if the toes hit the front of the hiking boots very easily.  If it does, then it means that your boot is too small or your laces are not snug enough. You need to ensure that your boots feel a little big.

These are some of the most important things you need to consider when looking for a pair of hiking boots. If you follow the tips in this article, you will be able to buy boots that will last for a long period of time and keep your feet dry, warm, comfortable and blister free whenever you go hiking.